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Rapid Prototyping

The Fabrication Collaborative offers monochrome 3d printing utilizing Z Corp's rapid prototyping technology. Finished models are precise, strong, and durable, and are ideal for creating tangible models of your designs and data. We offer competitive pricing and rapid turnover.

Z Corp Printing Technology

Z Corp's 3D printing technology is an ink-jet based process that prints the parts cross sectional geometry on layers of powder spread on top of each other.

Z Corp's system consists of a feed piston, build piston, spreader, and print head gantry. The feed piston measures and dispenses powder that is spread across the build piston by the spreader. Once a layer is spread, a cross section of the part is printed by spraying a binder solution on the powder substrate by the print head. After a layer is printed, the feed piston raises one layer thickness and the build piston lowers one thickness and a layer of powder is spread across the previously printed cross section. This process continues until the part is completed. Once the part is printed and dried, the part is removed and de-powdered, and finished using infiltrates.

Fabrication Collaborative uses Z Corp's plaster based system as it is more durable and gives better resolution. After the part is printed a cyanoacrylate infiltrant is applied to model for strength. Z Max epoxy infiltrant is also available by special request if further model strength is needed.

Build Specifications

Our Z Corp system has a maximum build size of 8 x 10 x 8 inches (203 x 254 x 203 mm), however larger models are not a problem! We are able to partition larger models into machine sized pieces and assemble them into a seamless full sized model as part of the finishing process. Layers may be set between 0.0035 - 0.008 inches thick. Build tolerances are +- .005" (+- .015" tolerance standard deviation). We currently offer parts in white using Z Corp's durable, paintable powder suitable for fit and functional testing, and concept modeling (Z Corps zp131 powder).

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